Micro Loans for Haitian Mothers

Jacmel, Haiti

Help Living Water Children’s Fund provide support for 7 micro loans of $150 to mothers of children with disabilities in through Pazapa’s Ti Commerce micro loan program.

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Why Support?

Micro loans can be a lifeline for families in Haiti. In 2021 Haiti’s unemployment rate was above 15%, and most households and small businesses and enterprises lack access to credit through formal financial institutions such as commercial banks. Micro loans have been proven to provide more than a means of temporary support, opening a path to self-sufficiency. In addition, the government gives almost no support for these families of children with disabilities, who would be directly impacted by your donation.

How It Works

Living Water Children’s Fund support partner Pazapa, located in Jacmel, Haiti will identify seven mothers of children with disabilities in need of micro loans to expand their businesses. With the help of our generous donors and supporters, LWCF will provide the funds for the micro loans for the mothers identified by Pazapa.

Program Impact

Pazapa, our partner organization in Jacmel, Haiti currently provides loans issued through the Ti-Commerce Program to helping more than 30 mothers of children with disabilities to grow their businesses. They have with a 98% repayment rate. By helping Living Water to provide support for additional micro loans, you are helping us impact and uplift families and children in need, and in turn strengthening whole communities. 

Learn more about the impact of Pazapa’s Ti Commerce Micro Loan program on children in need in the profile below.


Marie Soifaite Benjean or Mrs St Paul François is the mother of the precious Loudjina.  Loudjina is a student in the Special Education Program.  She has a mental disability and has been registered at Pazapa since February 25th 2016. She also suffers from Epileptic Seizures and is on anti-seizure medications thanks to Pazapa.

Loudjina is currently in the advanced class.  She enjoys participating in all school activities and is calm and respectful.

Loudjina lives with her parents and an older brother.  Mrs St Paul is a regular  “Ti Commerce” participant because this is the fifth time she has benefited from this program. And she always pays on time. Her business has been the sale of food products since 2003. 

According to the mother of Loudjina, she is thankful for the Pazapa Centre because her daughter has learned to read and has developed her intellectual capacities.