Online Learning for Ukraine's Refugee Children


Help Living Water Children’s Fund provide electronic devices for access to online learning at Sokal Lyceum, a school providing teachers for classes through the Online Lviv Regional School for Refugees.

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Why Support?

For many children in Eastern Ukraine, access to education has been disrupted by ongoing conflict since 2014, with over 750 schools closed in the past 8 years, and schools increasingly becoming targets of attacks. Since February 24, 2022, more than half of Ukraine’s children have been displaced from their homes. Your donation will support access to education for children who have been impacted by the recent invasion.

How It Works


Living Water Children’s Fund is providing support to Sokal Lyceum, a school in Lviv, Ukraine. The school serves children who had to flee from their homes in Kharkiv, Kyiv or other cities throughout Ukraine. These students need electronic devices, such as tablets to participate in online learning. LWCF also seeks to provide other supplies to help students learn while their country is being torn apart by war. Your donations will help us to provide access to education for children being served by this initiative. 

Volunteering Time

LWCF is currently recruiting volunteers to engage students in practicing English online. Interested in volunteering? Get in touch.

Program Impact

Our first round of support has arrived. Your donations will help Living Water Children’s Fund provide additional supplies and support for education of refugee children in Ukraine.