Arusha, Tanzania

Photo of a child at the Mitindo school wearing Living Water Children's Fund sponsored protective clothing designed for children with Albinism.
In an effort to protect children with albinism, who are vulnerable to physical attacks due to superstition and misinformation, the Tanzanian government established centers for these children. Unfortunately this can mean being abandoned by family and left to live in less than optimal conditions. Mitindo, one of these government centers, serves a varied population of children, including those with albinism, deafness and blindness. During a visit in 2016 board members identified several ways LWCFund could improve the living conditions of the children there. We have established a working relationship with a liaison who oversees our donations, assuring that all funds are distributed as determined.

Our Impact

LWCF has supported the construction and implementation of water catchment and storage systems, as well as clothing, books and a large screen TV for the children living at Mitindo. The fund has provided much needed medical supplies, a television and cable access to educational programming, new desks, long sleeved clothing, hats and sunglasses. Our ongoing support has enhanced the lives of all the children there and given them additional opportunities to be successful in their education, a key to overcoming the poverty and obstacles they face.