Thanks to Sherry’s extensive contacts, board members Sue Abrams, Dorothy Schwartz, and Sherry Fine were able to spend two days in Battle Mountain, Nevada talking with members of the band about potential projects that LWCF could support.  We were welcomed with a great deal of enthusiasm and warmth and got an education on the history of the Band and the impact of government on the survival of the Band, their culture and their land ownership. 

Our Impact

Over the course of the two days we were able to identify several areas where we could make a difference for the children of the Battle Mountain Band:

  • We delivered several desktop computers to create a lab. This was overseen by two Shoshone tribal members who work directly with students. 
  • Because of contemporary government regulations that define tribal enrollment, many children do not meet the threshold and, therefore, don’t qualify for government help with school supplies and fees. We will helped fill backpacks with the supplies list from the schools.
  • As there was a need to improve the area of play for children, LWCF purchased toddler play equipment for the playground.