A Letter from the Director - 2021

An annual year-end message from Living Water Children’s Fund founder and director, Sherry Fine, as she reflects on the impacts and successes of the organization in 2021.

December 2021

To our Valued Donors, Sponsors, Friends and Family, 

In the midst of political and environmental crisis I come to you with words of gratitude and hope.

I am both honored and humbled by the generosity of our donors and the resiliency of the children we support. Now 13 years into our existence, we celebrate our sponsorship programs that have supported children coming from the slums of Kenya, the streets of Tanzania and the brutality of the military takeover in Myanmar, who are now graduates of universities and moving on to productive lives. With your help we have provided medical attention, clothing, educational materials, Braille machines, hearing aids, playground equipment and more to children who have been destitute and vulnerable to lives of gang violence and prostitution. Instead, with your support, they are living happy productive lives, grateful for the opportunities provided and ready to give back.


Please indulge me as I share the story of John, a young boy living in poverty on the streets of Arusha, Tanzania in 2006. I met John when I was volunteering at LWCC 15 years ago. Since that time, through visits, emails and texts, I have witnessed an amazing transformation of a young child destitute yet resilient, as he became a man, a leader, determined, compassionate and fearless. John has recently graduated University earning an almost perfect academic record and pursuing a position in Human Resources. He continues to volunteer his time at the orphanage LWCC, where he was raised with love and discipline. I have always referred to John as Mr President, a demonstrated leader and role model for so many. What a honor to have had a role in his life. It is the gift that keeps giving.


As the end of the year approaches we send thanks in advance to you for your tax deductible donation which will bring continuing opportunities where there were once none. We are in the business of bringing smiles to children’s faces. Many thanks for helping us to achieve this goal and being part of our “village”.

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As you hug your own children and grandchildren good night, please remember your donation to a less fortunate child is the security of knowing someone cares, the next best thing we can offer.

Sherry Fine
Director, Living Water Children’s Fund

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