LWCC Sponsorship Coordinator Gwakama with Yakini Secondary School Students.

A young boy, homeless and ill and living on the streets of Arusha, Tanzania…a family that sees a heart wrenching need.

One child started the Kimaros on their journey that is Living Water Children’s Center. After taking in one child, they did some research, discovering that there were over a million orphans in Tanzania. HIV/AIDS and the Malaria pandemic had ravaged families, leaving many children without resources and forced to fend for themselves on the streets.

The Kimaro family knew they had to do something for these children and, in 2003, they founded Living Water Children Centre. It is dedicated to the care, education, and advocacy of disadvantaged children in and around Arusha. The Centre currently houses over 100 orphans and children from impoverished or underserved backgrounds as well as disabled youth whose families are unable to care for them.

In 2008 Sherry Fine spent two weeks volunteering at Living Water and, determined to help the Kimaros provide for these children, she founded the NGO, Living Water Children’s Fund. LWCFund provided an additional funding source for the Kimaro’s dream of the creation of a small school as well as general support for the needs of the children.

The Kimaros, with the help of LWCF, have saved hundreds of children from the streets, abuse and starvation. Your support helps us to continue this work-there are more children out there who need us.

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Living Water Children Center is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and there are several options for sponsoring a child at LWCC. You can sponsor their education for $50 per month, their health care for $35 per month, or both for $85 per month. You can also make a monthly contribution of any other amount if you wish. If you would like to make a monthly donation please enter the name of the child or children you wish to sponsor (if you know it), the amount you would like to donate every month, and click on the donate button.


The Center has expanded to include a school that educates children from pre-school through secondary school. As the needs have expanded, so has the partnership between the Kimaros and Living Water Children’s Fund, which has developed an extensive sponsorship program to help support the Kimaros and their efforts on behalf of children. Sponsors and children exchange letters and photos throughout the year and the children take great pride in having a “cheerleader” who encourages them to succeed. In addition, LWCFund fundraising efforts have contributed to the ongoing needs of the Center, including supplies, security, buildings, and enrichment programs. A security guard assures the safety of all the children, especially at night.

A new, state of the art playground allows children to have a space where they can learn risk taking on bridges, a trampoline and a variety of other equipment, develop social skills and just have fun. Food emergencies have been mitigated through LWCFund support, as have other unexpected costs for LWCC children.