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LWCF facilitates health and educational sponsorships for children living at or supervised by LWCC. This support follows the LWCC children from early childhood through university and into adulthood, creating a true extended family environment that supports the children so they can thrive and flourish.



  • To provide support to meet the basic needs for children in need, with primary focus on education and health. 
  • Provide education & opportunity to children living at or under the supervision of LWCC team. 
  • Provide additional support to improve the quality of life for all LWCC children.
  • The Kimaro’s goal is to get the children through university or into a program that provides them with a career so that they can become self-sufficient.
  • To create a loving, caring, extended family environment so that the children who they support can thrive and flourish.
  • To keep family connections for kids who have any type of family structure
  • Currently –helping to support several students pursuing higher education at university 
  • Students continuing their education, attending high school off site with support from LWCFund
  • Educating students with albinism transferred from government schools with limited services
  • 2020 – 2023: 5 university graduates
  • 2020 – 2023: 5 university graduates
  • 2020 – John Authman became the first LWCC student to graduate university and started his own business
  • 2020 – Chess club program started
  • 2020 – Music program was started by LWCF
  • 2017 – Funded guard and wall for protection of children with albinism living on site
  • 2017 – Playground built and opened

LWCC began as a primary school, and then quickly expanded programming to include a secondary school at the direction of the government because Living Water students were scoring very well on the government exams. The school always ranks very high in both district and country ratings. Providing secondary school allows Living Water students to remain on campus and close to the extended family created by the Kimaro family.

  • Orphans – children with only one parent.
  • Children with albinism
  • Time2Help
  • Partnerschaft für Arfrika

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