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About The High School Philanthropy Project



The High School Philanthropy Program provides scholarships to chosen and vetted high school students from an inner city school, and brings them on LWCF trips to introduce them to philanthropy service work. Currently we have one trip, to Guatemala, where we include the High School Philanthropy Program students along with our LWCF board members. On this trip, we visit a school, an orphanage, and an after-school advancement program. We also spend time to explore the beauty of Guatemala and get to know the country and its culture. Upon return home, the students are encouraged to come up with a way to fundraise for a chosen project we visited, as well as making a presentation to their school and talking about the importance of philanthropy work.



  • Provide global volunteer opportunities for high school students who would not otherwise have an opportunity to travel. 
  • Introduce high school students to service-project work.
  • Give opportunities for students from inner city USA environment to travel to a foreign country and see a different culture.
  • Expand on ways to fundraise by having students come up with their own ideas to fundraise for various projects.
  • Provide service as well as a monetary donation to the projects we visit.
  • Pass the torch to the up-and-coming generation to continue the valued and important work that LWCF and others provide.
  • 2019 – 2 high school students from NYC completed the program and created a school fundraiser to donate to LWCF supported sites in Guatemala.
  • 2022 – 4 high school students (2 from NYC, 2 from NJ) completed the trip and are currently coming up with ways and ideas to fundraise and have a brief presentation at their school.

This project began in 2019 with 2 students from East Side High in NYC. The trip was successful, opening their eyes to a different culture as well as providing service to 3 projects, Casa Guatemala, CadaNiño, and Fundaniños.

High School students from high schools in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

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