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LWCF supports multiple project sites in Guatemala.

Casa Guatemala is a residential school for children in an impoverished community, where attendees receive an education in a nurturing and stimulating environment, where body, mind and values are nurtured. 

Cada Niño is an after-school enrichment program in two locations for ages 2-5 located in the most dangerous district of Guatemala City. Students currently attend every other day to learn computer skills and English language, with the hopes of expanding to a daily program.

Fundniños is a sanctuary and orphanage for children from infant to 18 who have been neglected and abused. Some of the children have literally been picked up off the streets. They have a primary school, bus children to high schools, and have a job training program.



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Casa Guatemala:

  • Support staff and children
  • Provide educational materials

Cada Niño:

  • Provide educational enrichment programs as well as values (self-confidence and self-esteem), especially in technology and English language
  • Provide support to enhance the computer and technology program, especially to promote the participation of girls
  • Start a pen pal program for English language enhancement
  • Support expansion of programs for daily attendance instead of every other day

Funda Niños:

  • Provide psychological and emotional support for traumatized children
  • Provide support for an English teacher
  • Provide support for an anti-bullying program 

All sites:

  • Service work on site visits – painting facilities, engaging students in games and activities
  • Emergency funds during covid for food and health supplies
  • Annual site visit with high school volunteers

Casa Guatemala:

  • Supported the rebuilding of the boat dock

Cada Niño:

  • Purchased an oven to cook and provide meals to program participants
  • Provided support for purchase of educational software

Funda Niños:

  • Purchased shoes
  • Provided ongoing emergency funds

Support for this project began after our Child Refugees on the Border trip and in response to the closed borders. The LWCF team wanted to address the issues at the roots with the hopes of helping to prevent some families from becoming refugees. LWCF director Sherry Fine found the supported project sites by doing research on schools and orphanages in Guatemala.

  • Casa Guatemala: impoverished & underserved children in rural Rio Dulce, Guatemala.
  • Cada Niño: underserved children aged 2-5 in the district of Guatemala City with the highest crime rate.
  • Funda Niño: Children under 18 who have been neglected and abused.

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