Dorothy Schwartz Community Centre is an elementary school in a desperately poor slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The school, named for a LWCFund board member who has provided guidance and support for several years, was founded in 2005 to provide the children of the slum an opportunity for a quality education despite the overwhelming circumstances. As co-founder Isaac Okumu has said: “The Mukuru Slums have a population of over half a million people with very limited access to clean water, sanitation, education and medical facilities. Crime, drugs, prostitution, rape and many other vices are the order of the day.” DSCC has 540 students and 18 teachers.

Our Impact

  • DSCC Breakfast Program – To address the additional problem of lack of food in the students’ homes, in 2018 we instituted a breakfast program of a porridge of maize and millet. This has resulted in improved attendance and performance and the children love their breakfast.
  • General Support – LWCFund has also helped by providing texts and other books, school supplies, desks, and a teacher stipend at the end of the year.
  • Education Sponsorship – Established in 2014, LWCF’s sponsorship program has allowed allowed some of the top students of DSCC the chance to continue their schooling. A sponsor pays the school fees (currently $500 per year) for a child to attend secondary schools.
  • Clean Water Initiative – LWCF recently purchased 15 Tulip Table Top Water Filters and 100 water storage buckets for the school and had the teachers, school administrators and students trained in using the equipment. Throughout the school day, water is filtered and stored in the buckets, and clean water is then brought home with students and their families, as well as to selected homes surrounding the school. This is a pilot project, which launched in August, and we hope to expand with the help of our generous donors. Read more about this initiative.

Dorothy Schwartz Community Centre

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DSCC has been successful despite the difficult conditions the students and teachers face on a daily basis. The commitment of the founders and teaching staff has, against all odds, produced some top boys and girls in the final Primary school exams. The support of our donors and sponsors allow these students to attend secondary school and even proceed to higher education.

There is always a need for more sponsors. We also welcome people to travel with us to visit the school. LWCFund makes a trip every other year, to monitor funds and conditions, and to maintain the excellent level of communication with the school staff. Donations made for DSCC go a long way, and even a small donation is very helpful.