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LWCF helps support DSCC, a primary school in a desperately poor slum in Nairobi Kenya, by working with on-the-ground project liaisons to support the school and the students. We assist materially when we can, provide stipends for the teachers, support a breakfast program for the students, and run a sponsorship program for students who do very well on their governmental exams but can’t afford to pay for secondary schools, which are boarding schools.

In the sponsorship program, LWCF facilitates the funds needed for the student’s to attend secondary school and keeps students and their sponsors in touch through the exchange of letters and photos. 

LWCF is currently supporting the construction of a library, science lab and computer lab at the school.

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  • Support the education of children in a desperately underserved school.
  • Support the nutritional needs of children who attend the school through the breakfast program.
  • Provide opportunity for children who excel to continue their education in secondary school and higher education.
  • Provided supplies that support education including textbooks, learning materials, desks and benches, computers & tablets, books for reading libraries and other classroom supplies.
  • Currently providing stipend for over 10 teachers.
  • 2014, first student sponsored by Dorothy, Sponsorship program officially launched in 2015. 13 unique students have completed their sponsored education terms, bringing the total number of students impacted by the sponsorship program to 88.
  • 2019-present – A nutritious meal is offered 2-5 days per week through the Breakfast program to over 600 primary school students.
  • 2020 – Pandemic – Access to education – 43 tablets were provided to sponsored students so they could continue to access their education remotely during pandemic lockdowns.
  • January of 2020: Reconstruction project, saved school from government shutdown, ~5 classrooms were built (Dorothy asking Isaac for confirmation)
  • 2024: 121 secondary school sponsored students to date. 26 university students sponsored to date, or will be sponsored next semester. Two in medical school, one beginning traineeship in counseling; one in her final year of teacher training.

Dorothy and friends were organizing a volunteer trip to Kenya and while they were there, they went on safari. Isaac was their guide, and he told them about DSCC (named Joy House at that time) and asked them to donate school supplies, which they did. Dorothy went back a year later and visited the school, and held a fundraiser in 2012. After the fundraiser was held, her fellow traveler Roberta, told Dorothy about LWCF and introduced her to Sherry. Sherry was able to include Joy House as a project, and  later asked Dorothy to join the LWCF board. Through support for DSCC,  LWCF’s purpose extended from orphans to include other vulnerable children.

Impoverished & underserved children

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