Photo Gallery: Yakini School Class 7 Graduation

Check out our photo album with some highlights from the recent 7th grade graduation ceremony at Yakini Primary School at Living Water Children’s Centre in Arusha, Tanzania. We cannot express how proud we are of the Living Water Children as they continue to succeed and progress, despite the adversities they face.

We were so happy to receive photos from the graduation thanks to LWCC sponsorship coordinator Gwamaka Kiwale. It fills our hearts to see the students’ smiling faces with the LWCC team members, their visiting family members and many of the students’ sponsors who visited to be there for the graduation!

Thank you to all the wonderful individuals who work to support these students, from our sponsors, to the LWCC crew working with the students every day, to our volunteers and supporters. We are grateful to you for making these successes possible. It truly takes a village, and with your dedication, the Living Water Children are able to flourish!

Become a Sponsor

We believe that when a child’s basic needs are met, they will grow and flourish, despite the adversity they may face in their life. We are always seeking new sponsors for children at Living Water Children’s Centre to help support their education and health care. Sponsors often truly become part of the Living Water family, and it is in huge part thanks to them that the children of Living Water Children’s Centre succeed.

At Living Water Children’s Center, you can sponsor education for an individual child for $50 per month, their health care for $35 per month, or both for $85 per month. You can also make a monthly contribution of any other amount if you wish. If you would like to make a monthly donation please enter the name of the child or children you wish to sponsor (if you know it), the amount you would like to donate every month, and click on the donate button.

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