Living Water Children's Fund Sponsorship Programs

By becoming a sponsor in any of our sponsorship programs, you will help contribute to the health and well being, education and basic needs of a child in need. We now have sponsorship programs in 4 countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Myanmar and Guatemala. Learn more about these sponsorship programs and sign up to become a sponsor today.


Secondary School Student Sponsorships

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And help provide an education for a child in need.
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Health & Educational Sponsorships

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And help provide health and education for a child in need.
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Educational Sponsorships

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And help provide the supplies that will enable a child in need to attend school.
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Kenya Sponsorship Program

Students who graduate DSCC with high marks are often admitted to good secondary schools, but the cost of attending secondary schools is prohibitive. Since 2014 LWCF has run a sponsorship program that allows these students the chance to continue their schooling. A sponsor pays the school fees for a child to attend secondary schools. Sponsors will receive the name of the child whose education they are supporting. The children send their sponsors letters and videos, updating them on their school life and their academic progress. The sponsors are encouraged to send letters and photos to the students. All sponsored students have done well in secondary school, and the first graduate has proceeded to higher education.

The cost of a full sponsorship is $500 per year and can be paid annually or in installments.

Impact of Your Sponsorship

Sponsorships cover school fees for high scoring students who graduate Dorothy Schwartz Community Centre to attend high ranking secondary schools.

Additional Support

LWCF has provided DSCC with continued support for emergency school renovations, textbooks and educational materials, school supplies, desks, and a teacher stipend at the end of the year. We have also helped provide clean water to the school community with the purchase of water filters and provide ongoing support for a Breakfast Program when school is in session.

Tanzania Sponsorship Program

LWCC was founded by the Kimaro family in 2003. The Centre is dedicated to the care, education, and advocacy of disadvantaged children in and around Arusha. Children are referred to LWCC through churches, human services organizations and other resources.

The Centre currently houses over 100 orphans and children from impoverished situations. The children arrive at the Centre with little or no education. Some have been taken from abusive situations or suffered from neglect. The Centre becomes an extended family for them, providing a caring environment, quality education, and a chance for a productive future

What is the Sponsorship Program?

The sponsorship program helps to underwrite the support of these children. LWCFund has more than 50 children being sponsored. Some children have had the same sponsor for more than 10 years. The children write to their sponsor several time throughout the year and sponsors are asked to write to their child. It is a source of great pride for the children, knowing that there is someone in the US who is helping to take care of them and cheering them on to become the best person they can be.

There are several options for sponsorships at Living Water Children’s Centre. You can sponsor a child’s education for $50 per month, their health care for $35 per month, or both for $85 per month. You can also make a monthly contribution of any other amount if you wish. Payments can be made on an annual basis or a monthly basis and can be made through a credit card.

Sponsors are recruited when new children arrive at LWCC or when their sponsors have to end their financial obligation. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please contact our sponsorship coordinator in the US, Sue Abrams, at

Impact of Your Sponsorship

Health Sponsorships help cover the cost of regular health check-ups and protective clothing, gear and sunscreen. Educational sponsorships cover the cost of school fees and supplies. Full sponsorships cover the cost for both.

Additional Support

Beyond the sponsorship program LWCF has provided LWCC with financial support for food emergencies, building and insurance costs, a new, state of the art playground and additional unexpected costs for LWCC children.


Guatemala Sponsorship Program

In response to the US border crisis, LWCF has decided to provide assistance to children remaining in some of the locations the asylum seekers are fleeing from. We hope that by helping to support children in need in their home country, there may be less of a need to leave. 

That change in the quality of life must begin with education. We are currently providing a pilot educational sponsorship program to ten children in Guatemala, providing for the cost of a uniform, shoes, a backpack, school supplies, and a stipend of $10 for the sponsorship liaison to coordinate the purchase and distribution of the supplies. Sponsored students would not be able to attend school otherwise, for lack of resources to obtain these required school supplies. Sponsors are provided a biography  of the child they sponsor, along with photos of the sponsored student with new supplies.

Impact of Your Sponsorship

Sponsorships provide support the education of children living in Guatemala.

Additional Support

LWCF provides support for identified projects at Casa Guatemala school, Funda Niños orphanage and Cada Niño educational program. We also make an annual service trip to Guatemala, volunteering at these sites and providing sponsored global volunteer opportunities to New York City high school students.

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