Living Water Hires New Special Education Teacher

by Sue Abrams, Living Water Children's Fund BOD Member

The teachers and staff at Living Water work to provide the best education possible for all the children. Over the past few years, the new children coming into the school have come with increasingly complex needs. Many have suffered unimaginable trauma, malnutrition, and abuse. These life experiences impact their ability to learn and thrive in their new environment. In October LWCF provided funding for a new special educator to address these needs. The Kimaros did a search and Sue Abrams and Sherry Fine interviewed the final candidate.


Nora came on board in October with a job description that includes setting expectations for students, working with individual students to address their prior experiences, collaboration with teachers to help make adjustments to lessons to make them more accessible, working with small groups, providing enrichment and extra help when needed. It is a daunting task but Nora brings enormous energy, enthusiasm and experience to the task. During their recent trip to Living Water Sue and Sherry were able to meet with Nora and see the impact of her work to date. Her knowledge of each child is extensive and her teaching strategies reflect current best practice. It was exciting to see the progress the children are making thanks to Nora’s skills and commitment to help each child maximize their potential.


The Living Water Children’s Fund team is pleased that the need for a staff person was identified and we were able to fund the position, thanks to our generous donors.


Together, we can make a change !

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Together, we can continue to make sure children in Tanzania are given what every child all over the world deserves: to be loved, supported, and have their basic needs met. When we support children we are investing in the future of our world. Help us build a better tomorrow.  

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