A Recent Visit to DSCC in Nairobi

by Dorothy Schwartz, Living Water Children's Fund BOD Member

Board members recently returned from a visit to DSCC in Nairobi. We sat in on classes and were pleased to see that the children are enthusiastic learners, and the teachers are motivated educators. Learning was clearly taking place. Now we know why our primary school graduates do well enough on the national exams to proceed to excellent secondary schools. This is despite the desperately poor conditions of the environment, which you can see in the photos.

We saw the new rooms which benefactors and donors had made possible. There are three new rooms; we provided funds for desks, chairs and white board so the rooms can start being used for classes. Ultimately the rooms will also be used as a science lab and library; the administrators of the school are awaiting government approval and funds to proceed.

Classroom and the breakfast program created with support from LWCF

We were told that girls miss school when they are on their periods; we provided sanitary pads so they will not have to miss school. We also assisted with dishing up the porridge for the breakfast program. The children love their porridge which consists of millett, maize, sorghum and sugar.

Girls with provision of sanitary products.
Girls with provision of sanitary products.

Several of our graduates who are now university students took buses from their schools (hours away) so they could meet with us. These young people are very bright, talented, and delightful human beings. We are very proud of them.

LWCF Director Sherry Fine with three of our university students.

We met with the board of DSCC to discuss further plans; funds are always needed to meet their goals. We also met with the thirteen teachers at the school; they are good teachers who are passionate about their job and their students. This is despite sometimes not receiving a paycheck.

Student Testimonials

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