Ukrainian Psychologist joins LWCF team

by Peggy Walton, Living Water Children's Fund BOD Member

As a result of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia 2 years ago, Ukrainian teachers are facing unfamiliar issues in their classrooms, issues of trauma and loss facing their pupils. These situations are coupled with the trauma and loss experienced by teachers themselves as a result of the war.

In an effort to help teachers address the behaviors of pupils, and address their own experiences, LWCF funds the support provided by Zoia Podorozhna, a Ukrainian clinical psychologist now living in Maryland. Since the inception of this initiative in the fall of 2023, Zoia has seen changes in behavior in teachers who, in turn, are better prepared to cope with students, as well as with their own stressors.


When asked why she has committed to doing this work, Zoia responded:

“During the war, people behave differently based on their past experiences. Some may take up arms, while others leave their country to protect their children. Some may decide to stay and care for their elderly parents. However, it is essential to continue doing what you do best anywhere you visit. As a clinical psychologist with years of experience living in Ukraine my whole life before the war started, I am committed to providing mental health support and treatment to those affected by the war, especially children who have lost their parents and homes and teachers who have experienced excessive mental stress during the conflict. We believe the united pursuit of truth and justice will end this war soon.”


Please help LWCF continue this worthwhile investment in the future of Ukraine!

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The people Ukraine have been living through a nightmare for the past two years. With your contribution Living Water Children’s Fund can help the most vulnerable of citizens: children. Your support will make a real impact on their lives. Every contribution helps!

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