Children with
Special Needs

About OUR Children with special Needs Initiative



This Living Water Children’s Fund initiative supports children affected by albinism as well as vision and hearing impairment at Mitindo and Buhangija Centres in Mwanza, Tanzania and LWCC in Arusha, Tanzania.

Donations to this project help us acquire, provide and maintain the equipment needed to support these students in their education and lives. From hearing aids to braille material to the construction of an audiology room, LWCF is committed to helping meet the needs of over 200 children at Mitindo and Buhangija residential schools, giving them the opportunity for an education and a means of communicating with the world. Our ongoing support has enhanced the lives of all the children there and given them additional opportunities to be successful in their education, a key to overcoming the poverty and obstacles they face.

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  • To provide accessibility equipment supplies and tools for children with disabilities 
  • To provide additional support for health care and basic needs
  • Provided educational sponsorships and medical support for almost 100 children who are deaf, blind or have albinism. 
  • Placement of 16 children with albinism from government settlements into Living Water Children’s Center in Arusha
  • Support for improvement of residential and educational spaces at residential centers for children with albinism and special needs. 
  • Constructed an audiology room at Buhangija
  • Constructed and implemented water catchment and storage systems at Mitindo Centre
  • Purchased hearing aids for over 200 deaf students
  • Purchased canes, abaci, and other mobility and tactile educational aids for over 100 blind students
  • Provided mattresses, medical support and supplies 
  • Repaired Perkins braillers to create educational material for blind students
  • Provided uniforms, protective clothing, hats and sunglasses for children with albinism
  • Purchased classroom supplies including desks and a large screen television
  • Walls at Mitindo have been painted with bright, inclusive and educational murals
  • Donated an electric wheelchair for a teacher at Mitindo
  • Repair broken beds at Mitindo Centre
  • Playground equipment for Mitindo through Sparking Joy with Play program

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  • Children who are blind and/or deaf
  • Children with albinism
  • Friends of Tanzania – Audiology Room Construction Project
  • AMUCTA University in Tabora – collaborated to provide educational sponsorships and medical support for almost 100 children who are deaf, blind or have albinism. 

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