Giving the Gift of Vision

Learn more about our initiative to provide over 200 blind and vision impaired children in Tanzania with access to assistive educational devices, canes and other basic supplies.

An Update from Living Water Children's Fund

One of Living Water Children’s Fund’s newest programs was launched in 2020 with our Campaign for Children with Special Need. This campaign is an ongoing initiative to support children with hearing and vision impairment at Buhangija and Mitindo residential centers in Tanzania. In October 2019 a group of Living Water board members visited these two centers, which together house over 60 blind children and 240 with albinism, whose sight is deteriorating as a result of that genetic condition. We realized that the children with vision loss were being left behind academically because they did not have appropriate assistive devices to help them learn. Even canes were in short supply, and blind children depended on the good will of others to lead them around.


We are working with the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa or refurbish Braille equipment at the centers and to help us determine if the blind children at the centers could benefit from the new portable Orbit 20 Braille readers. We currently have 67 Perkin’s Brailler Machines undergoing repair and refurbishing. We are also researching sources for monoculars, glasses, and other aids to assist children with low vision. The teachers at the centers have given us a wish list of other equipment for the visually impaired children who need assistive devices to help them learn at the same rate as sighted students.


We have already raised over $20,000 since the launch of the campaign and the first set of equipment is on its way, but the needs are vast and continuing, and your donation made today will have a direct impact on help provide the gift of vision to children at our sponsored sites in Tanzania.

How many of the gifts that we give are truly life changing? Change a life! Your tax-deductible donation to our Children with Special Needs Fund will create pathways to education and communication that would otherwise be impossible. 

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