New Initiative: Campaign for Children with Vision and Hearing Impairment

Living Water Children’s Fund is launching a new initiative to support children affected by vision and hearing impairment. Support our efforts to help us acquire and provide the equipment needed to support them in their education and lives.

Help Us Give the Gift of Hearing and Vision

Upon our last trip to Mwanza, Tanzania, board members visited Mitindo and Buhangija, two residential centers for children who are blind and/or deaf. The centers are little more than several concrete buildings providing substandard care for these vulnerable children, most of whom have been abandoned by their families due to economics or the stigma of having a child with a disability. They sleep two to three in a bed and their worldly belongings fit into a small suitcase. There is limited staff, insufficiently equipped classrooms and …children deserving more. Many of the children at these centers are orphans, and getting them the equipment needed will provide them with the opportunity for education and a means of communicating with the world.

To that end, LWCF is committed to providing these children opportunities to access equipment and programs which will enable them to become productive members of society and enjoy the many benefits of a hearing and sighted world most of us take for granted.

So we are sending out two major requests to our supporters, followers, family and friends as we begin a new initiative to support over 200 children affected by vision and hearing impairment at Mitindo and Buhangija Centres in Tanzania.


Donate Used Hearing Aids and Equipment

This is especially useful for audiologists and those who have connections with audiologists. We are seeking the donation of 200 used BTE hearing aids with standard earhooks and tubing. Dr. Kindra Veith, an audiologist who is helping to coordinate this project, prefers models that can connect wirelessly to the Noahlink wireless, otherwise connecting to a hi-pro would be ok. If the hearing aids are pediatric that’s a plus, but we can fit adult hearing aids as well. It would be ideal if these were Oticon or Phonak branded. 

In addition, we are seeking equipment for the setup and maintenance of these 200 hearing aids. View the full list of equipment needed below.

*Items marked with an asterisk don’t have an electrical component and are relatively inexpensive items that many can donate (particularly audiologists).

  • 200 sets of hearing aids
  • Laptop Computer
  • Audiometer
  • Otoscope x2
  • Otoscope specula (pediatric and adult sizes)*
  • Size 13 hearing aid batteries*
  • Handheld earmold impression guns
  • Varying sizes of cotton otoblocks*
  • Size 12 and 13 standard hearing aid tubing*
  • Handheld dremel with accessory bits
  • Tubing scissors x3*
  • Wire loop tubing puller x10*
  • Tubing expander pliers x3*
  • Tubing blower x3*
  • Bionix lighted curettes and light sources*
  • Hearing aid brushes and cleaning tools*
  • Headphone covers*

If you’re interested in donating any of the above items please reach out to us for specific details at Our team will verify the supplies with you and provide you with shipping information.


Make a Monetary Donation

In addition to the hearing aids, we will need additional supplies and materials in order to set up the equipment and maintain the hearing aids  throughout their lifetime. Help us kick off our Campaign to Support Children with Vision and Hearing Impairment with a donation to help us meet our Phase 1 fundraising goal of $10,000. An anonymous donor has committed $5,000 in matching funds which will be matched dollar for dollar throughout Phase 1 of this campaign, doubling the impact of all donors to this initiative. Help us meet and exceed our goal to help provide the equipment and supplies needed to support the children of Mitindo and Buhangija Centres who are affected by vision and hearing impairment.


Make a Difference, Donate Today

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