Give The Gift of Hearing

Learn more about our initiative to provide over 200 hearing impaired children with hearing and body worn aids at Living Water Children’s Fund supported sites in Tanzania.

An Update from Living Water Children's Fund

For our 2020 year-end campaign, Living Water Children’s Fund has launched a  new initiative to support children with hearing and vision impairment at Buhangija and Mitindo Residential Centres in Tanzania. As part of this initiative, we hope to provide over 200 hearing impaired children with hearing and body worn aids and launch a program to provide children at these sites with proper assessment and continued care and services.

We are working with Dr. Kindra Veith, of Northwest Hearing and Tinnitus in Seattle, Washington, who recently recorded this message to explain the impact of the audiology component of this campaign, and how your support for our campaign will give the gift of hearing, communication, education, social development and so much more to the children at these supported sites.

Watch Dr. Veith’s message below and donate today!

It truly takes a village, and our village has stepped up time and time again. We thank you for your support and hope you will consider a year end gift to help the launch of this program. To read more about the details of the hearing campaign, read our campaign profile.

“The gift of hearing means that a child can learn spoken language, be connected with their peers to build relationships, and be an active participant in learning activities. Hearing truly changes lives and opens up a child’s world to vibrant opportunities”

—Dr. Kindra Veith, Audiologist

Students at Buhangija in Mwanza, Tanzania

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