US-Mexico Border at El Paso

With the immigration crisis on the border, some of those most impacted by the arduous journey as well as the continuous changes of policy and direction in applying for asylum are the children. LWCF is committed to easing the difficult journey of children who are seeking asylum at the border by supporting them with supplies and gestures that show them someone cares. 

Our Impact

LWCF team members and volunteers have taken several trips to El Paso, Texas, to volunteer with child refugees seeking asylum with their families. Thanks to the support of our donors, LWCF has been able to bring children’s books in Spanish and stuffed animals to give each child one of each as they leave the safety of the shelter onto the next challenge in their journey. In addition, LWCF has purchased supplies and materials as specific needs have arisen and launched a Guatemala Program in order to address the crisis at the root of the program for children in need.