Partnership for Ukrainian Children

Project Update – September 2023

by Peggy Walton, Living Water Children's Fund BOD Member

With the onslaught of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the plight of Ukrainian children has become dire. LWCF, in conjunction with Peace Corps-Ukraine, has been instrumental in funding the purchase of over 100 computer tablets for displaced kids studying remotely. These tablets have enabled the kids to continue studying with their classmates, allowing them to interact socially with them (although virtually) and with their teachers in their home schools, thus anchoring them in a familiar context. Teachers, children and parents express their deep gratitude for the assistance provided by LCWF.

The psychological and emotional impacts of the Russian invasion on Ukrainian children have been brought to LWCF’s attention by the teachers with whom we are working. To help teachers address the trauma children in their classes are experiencing, LWCF is establishing a support group for teachers. With the help of a Ukrainian speaking psychologist, teachers will be given tools to help traumatized children and will be able to support each other during this difficult period. Additionally, LWCF is investigating ways to provide free clinical therapy for kids traumatized by the war.

LWCF board members working on this project and interacting with the Ukrainian teachers have been touched by their dedication. One teacher recently said, “We are so grateful to know that you are thinking of us and that we are not alone at this time.”


Below are testimonials from three displaced students who are impacted by our Partnership for Ukrainian Children program. All three of these students are set to receive tablets by the end of October 2023 to help them continue their remote studies. Rough translations of these student’s testimonials are below each clip.

I came from Chornobayivka (a small town in Kherson oblast severely hit multiple time by ruzzian bombarding buildings are mainly ruined). I enjoys my studies at the Rivne lyceum. I loves to study and feel grateful for your support providing a tablet.
I arrived from Donetsk oblast. There are five children in my family. I study remotely with teachers from my former school and the tablet is quite essential for me to have.
I am a tenth grader. I am from Kherson oblast, Chaplynka small town, occupied by Russians. I do not have any gadget to use for studies. I will appreciate so much if she can get one, it will support my studies.

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More than half of Ukraine’s children have been displaced from their homes since February. Your donation helps Living Water Children’s Fund continue to provide support for online learning at Sokal Lyceum, a school providing teachers for classes through the Online Lviv Regional School for Refugees.

Looking back

This map is from 2022. More than 5 times the amount of schools have now been destroyed, totaling more than 1,300.

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