A Letter from the Director

Dear Living Water Family,

As this year comes to a close, I am overjoyed to look back and realize the impact of Living Water Children’s Fund on the lives of literally thousands of children. We are in the business of bringing hope where there was none, and smiles where there were tears. Twelve years after its inception, we see the results of our labor of love.

“Years from now it will not matter what was in my bank account, nor the house I lived in, nor the car I drove…what will matter is that I was important in the life of a child.”

-Forest E. Witcraft TEACHER, SCHOLAR

Who are the children we serve? They are orphans from the streets of Arusha; children from the slums of Nairobi; children caught in the violence in Guatemala; children who are missing limbs from Haiti; orphans from the strife in Myanmar; children who are blind, deaf, or with albinism in Tanzania. They are children born into situations where poverty has limited opportunity, where hope was lost and futures bleak. LWCF seeks out these children and commits to understanding their needs and seeking whatever is necessary to improve their lives. In addition to sponsorships for primary, secondary, and university students, we have provided the funds to build and upgrade schools, fit children with prosthetic limbs, fill book bags with school needs, provide mattresses, medical supplies, water filters, clothing, shoes, emergency food aid, and so much more. 

Each board member, Sue, Barbara, Aryeh, Dorothy, Mote, Harris, Dennise, Cindi, and Rick, shares the commitment and the compassion which provides the inspiration to continue our work. We are so thankful for Nicole, our devoted Social Media Specialist and Chris, our bookkeeper, and his crew from Hire Effect who provide professional services above and beyond because they believe in our cause and treat each task with great care and expertise. Of course, we are beholden to our treasured donors, who continue to believe in our endeavors and share the joy of our success. 

Your donation is the gift that keeps giving. All administrative costs are covered by a recurring donation from the Fine Family Charitable Trust Fund. Therefore, every donation made goes directly to improve the life of a child in need. Thank you for your generosity. We are grateful and will ensure that each donation is spent with great care. 

With deep gratitude,

Sherry Fine

Director LWCF

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