Vamos a Guatemala


by Arsha Khan, Living Water Children's Fund BOD Member

Board members of Living Water Children’s Fund embarked on another remarkable journey to Guatemala this August, along with four intrepid high school students from Eastside High. We voyaged on this daring expedition to conquer the mighty Volcano and raise funds for our meaningful projects. Filled with unforgettable moments and life-changing experiences. From the breathtaking ascent of the Pacaya Volcano to heartwarming encounters with the children at the orphanages and schools, every step of the way was an opportunity to make a difference.
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With the majestic Pacaya Volcano as a backdrop, our team trekked up the steep slopes, fueled by determination and a shared commitment to empower the children of Guatemala. Together, we pave the way for brighter futures and countless opportunities by raising funds for our meaningful projects. The journey to the peak was not only a physical feat but also a testament to the power of collective action.
But it wasn’t just about the Volcano. Our journey first took us to Casa Guatemala, an orphanage transformed into a vibrant school, where the smiles and laughter of the children warmed our hearts. We spent a day with these resilient young souls, witnessing firsthand the profound impact of education and support on their lives.
We joined them in their classrooms and playground, sharing stories and witnessing their eagerness to learn. 📚✏️ It was truly inspiring to see how education has become a beacon of hope for these young souls. Meet David, originally an orphan at Casa Guatemala, who now is head of transportation and electricity. Have a listen at his beautiful example of the resilience within the children growing up here.

We also visited Fundaniños, an orphanage dedicated to healing and nurturing children who have faced unthinkable challenges. This incredible organization provides a safe haven for those who have experienced abuse or come from broken homes. The love and care provided by Fundaniños were palpable, as we listened to stories of resilience and witnessed the incredible transformation in the lives of these children.

Our High School Philanthropy Program students participating in the classroom of Fundaniños

Meet Naomi, a bright young girl whose life was transformed thanks to the generosity of donors like you. Naomi was born into difficult circumstances, facing poverty and abuse. Supporting LWCF, means supporting girls like Naomi, she now has the opportunity to thrive. Through Fundaniños, Naomi received the tools and resources she needed to succeed academically and pursue her dreams. She is now at the top of her class, filled with ambition and a determination to make a difference in her community. Naomi’s journey is a testament to the incredible impact that your donations can have on the lives of these children. Hear her story as I interview her: 

Our journey continued to Cada Niño, a haven for children in the most vulnerable parts of Guatemala City. Here, young minds are empowered through after school programs, equipping them with essential skills like computer programming and coding. The passion and determination of these children to learn and succeed were truly inspiring. 

And finally, we had the privilege of visiting Safe Passage for the very first time. A progressive school dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through education, healthcare, nutrition, and social services. Witnessing the comprehensive support provided to these children and their families reassured us that lasting change is possible. Check them out here:

Our board members and staff visiting Safe Passage

Be a Hero for Guatemala's Children! 💙

Your support can change lives. With your donations, the Living Water Children’s Fund continues to make a lasting impact on vulnerable children in Guatemala. Every contribution, big or small, brings us one step closer to creating a brighter future for these deserving children.

Through our visits to these incredible organizations, we were struck by the resilience and hope that radiates from the children of Guatemala. They are the true heroes in this story of empowerment and change. Together, we can continue to support these initiatives and make a lasting difference in their lives. 😎

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